About Jim

My career started out in the Emergency Department, Operating Room and Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Columbian Hospital in the early 80’s as part of the hospitals critical care nursing staff. This eventually transitioned to the BC Ambulance Service where I worked a variety of locations around the province including the Lower Mainland. I eventually left BCAS following many years of service. Today in addition to a heavy teaching schedule, I continue to retain my certification and skills by working Emergency Medical Services for events requiring Paramedic level services.

I have far too many personal interests for my own good! I enjoy photography, woodworking, kayaking and competitive shooting as well as being a pilot and scuba diver. A couple overriding passions are photography and woodworking which you will see highlighted on this web site.

Off to a meeting in Victoria. Commuting this way sure beats taking the ferry!!
Off to a meeting in Victoria .. sure beats taking the ferry, and the view is second to none!!