I’ve enjoyed photography most of my life. This is a passion shared with my wife and kids as well. In fact our first home had a single critical requirement, it needed space for a darkroom! I’ve been a photographer for over 45 years shooting Pentax most of that time. Pentax makes great cameras and I still have my Pentax system but a few years ago my good friend Ian MacDonald who teaches street photography workshops around the world, introduced me to mirrorless cameras and specifically the amazing Fuji X Series.

My introduction was the Fuji X100T mirrorless camera. I quickly fell head over heels in love with this gorgeous camera that combines state of the art photographic technology with a beautiful vintage look and feel. This camera truly reignited my love of photography!

Today in addition to the X-100T I also shoot with the Fuji X-T20 mirrorless camera which is combined with a selection of Fuji XF series pro lenses.

I also occasionally shoot film … yes I did say film! For this I use my beloved 1980’s era Contax 139Q. I don’t shoot a lot of film but I enjoy it for nostalgic reasons as it takes me back to my early days shooting film and doing my own darkroom work.

I hope you enjoy this gallery showing a few of my latest images many of which are shot on these cameras.

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