Student Resources

This page contains resources for the use of my First Aid and  Emergency Services Students.

Volunteer and/or Employment Opportunities

Students are always asking me about ways to practice and develop their skills. There is nothing better than getting out of the classroom and using them in real situations to build your skill levels. Below are just a few organizations in BC that are often looking for new people to fill their ranks.

Rock Doc (all levels needed – volunteer only)
MedTech Event Medical Services (EMR, PCP only, paid and volunteer)
MediForce Paramedical (OFA3 paid)
Life Support Air Ambulance (paid EMR, PCP, RN, ACP, CCP)
MedVents (FR, EMR, OFA 2&3 volunteer age 15-26 only)
BC Wildfire Fighting (paid 18+ OFA3, EMR, PCP, RN)

OFA Training Materials

OFA – Priority Action Drills for L2 and L3 students

Canadian Red Cross Instructor Training

Canadian Red Cross Program Standards – Dec 2017

Furthering your Training:

First Responder Course Information
First Responder is the first professional level of training. This is the level required for all fire departments and many other organizations are looking for people with a more advanced training than a Standard First Aid course.

Emergency Medical Responder Course Information
EMR is the entry point into the world of paramedic training. The EMR can be licensed to administer medications and to operate as part of the 911 system. Many fire departments prefer EMR training for applicants and it is a pre-requisite to continue on to the Primary Care Paramedic level.  The best way to obtain EMR training is to get your First Responder or OFA3 and then take a 40 hour EMR bridging course. 

Priority Care Emergency Medical Training  (FR & EMR Training)
Priority Care is the best location for FR or EMR training. The organization is headed by Ian MacDonald who has been a paramedic for 18 years and a paramedic training supervisor for BC Ambulance as well as instructor at the Justice Institute of BC PCP program. This is THE place to go if you are looking for FR or EMR training!

Justice Institute of BC (PCP Training)
Looking to work for BC Ambulance as a paramedic, then once you have your EMR training, the next step is the PCP program at the JIBC.

EMA Licensing Board
In order to work within the 911 system you need to be licensed. The EMALB is the regulating agency that oversees licensing of First Responders and Paramedics (EMR and up) within BC. Do you need to be licensed? Not necessarily it depends on what you plan to do with your training and who you will be working for. You will learn about that in your training.